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About Tai Chi
While tai chi originated as a martial art, most are attracted to its meditative aspect. The many benefits of tai chi include calming the mind, relaxing the body, increasing strength and flexibility, relieving stress and improving general health.

About Tai Chi Yukon
In 1989, Cheryl Buchan moved to Whitehorse and began teaching tai chi. Ninety students signed up for that first class. Her enthusiasm and gentle teaching style attracted many practitioners and within a few years, her senior students also began teaching.

Tai Chi Yukon became a non-profit society in 1991. Every year we offer as many as ten weekly classes aimed at all levels from beginners to tai chi “players” who have been practicing for several years. Jeanie Maddison, our “Elder,” taught seniors’ classes from 1994 until her death in 2001. To honour her memory, our instructors have continued offering these classes at no charge.

While we have occasional classes in other styles, we primarily practice and teach the Yang style as transmitted by Grandmaster Yang Zhen Duo and his grandson Master Yang Jun. Tai Chi Yukon offers special camps and seminars with visiting instructors once or twice a year. Yukon tai chi instructors also travel elsewhere to gain new skills and fresh insights.

Our senior instructor, Pam Boyde, has travelled to China four times as well as attending several seminars with Yang Jun in North America. In October 2007, Pam became the first Canadian to be certified as an instructor in the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan organization, a great accomplishment! Three of our instructors – Helene Dobrowolsky, Jo-Ann Gates and Lisa Pan – have also studied in China and ranked within this system.

Tai Chi Yukon is celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2014. Our theme is "Community Outreach" and we are planning many special events to mark this epic anniversary. Stay tuned to learn more!

World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day - 25 April 2015

Meet us on the downtown waterfront wharf at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 25 as we join people from all over the world to celebrate our art.

Pam Boyde at World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day practice, at Shipyards Park, 2009.